Do you own an audio analyzer?

But struggle to read the phase graph?

Everyone says: PRACTICE

But how do you practice without a PA?

Learn how to quickly read the phase graph for proper crossover alignment.

Use the tool to its full potential and build confidence and credibility through consistency.

Play Phase Invaders

Have you thought to yourself...

I wish there were a way to practice at home without anyone watching.

Software isn't cheap. Mics aren't cheap. If I don't use it, it's just a waste of money.

I've learned a lot from watching YouTube videos. I just haven't had time to sit down and actually apply it.

Like every other live sound engineer with a new audio analyzer, I tried everything to get my Mains and Subs to work well together: aligning by ear, laser distance measure, impulse response, phase graph, you name it.

My mixes were a struggle, I didn't feel confident, and it seemed like I had wasted money on a tool that I couldn't use.

I knew it was possible to have consistent results, though, because I saw other engineers do it and sound amazing!

That's when I started training with Bob McCarthy, Merlijn van Veen, Mauricio Ramirez, and Pat Brown, plus reading all of the books and articles I could get my hands on. At first, the training didn't help me in the field because there was never enough time to try it out.

I didn't have a way to practice at home so it took me years to improve and I did a lot of crappy work along the way.

Maybe you've tried Main+Sub alignment yourself, but:

  • You ran out of time
  • You couldn't make sense of the data
  • You couldn't verify your results

What's more, without confidence in your analyzer that comes through repetition and practice, sometimes you don't even get it out because it's not worth the effort.

But now use Phase Invaders to learn to read the phase graph quickly and improve your crossover alignments without wasting time in the field while your clients are paying for it.

Nathan Lively

  • A 30-minute private training with me.
  • One month access to my online community. (get answers to questions you can't Google)
  • PDF check list with the exact steps I use for Main+Sub alignment in the field.

On top of the lessons, you also get:

Example game play with Merlijn van Veen


Save the planet by defeating the Phase Invaders and restoring alignment through the crossover region.

  • Play with dozens of pre-loaded measurements from d&b, L-Acoustics, QSC, JBL, DAS, Mackie, EV, Yamaha, Martin, Meyer Sound, and more.
  • Upload your traces from your audio analyzer for analysis in the field.
  • [coming soon] Use the delay suggestion tool (CP-D2) to analyze even the hardest to read data

If you want to get good at anything, you need practice. Unfortunately, Main+Sub phase alignment is a process that we only need to complete once per show. This gives you practice once a day, once a week, or none at all if there isn't enough time.

How can you get good at it with such little practice?

I made Phase Invaders to help you get more practice. It comes loaded with dozens of measurements for you to practice alignments using delay and polarity. Future versions of the game will also include crossover and all-pass filters.

Live sound can feel very serious and scary when we think about everything that could go wrong at any second. Phase Invaders gives you the opportunity for trial and error in private.

Plus, the game has practical applications as well. You can import a measurement from the real world, play with it, even using CP-D2, then use the results on your show.

Thou shalt not train on thy client's dime.

-ancient wisdom

Q: Mac or PC?

A: Phase Invaders runs in your web browser. Right now it functions best on a laptop, but future versions will work on mobile platforms as well. The goal is for you to be able to practice anywhere.

Q: What if I'm not experienced?

A: If you are very experienced, you don't need Phase Invaders. It's a game and tool, built with the beginner in mind.

Q: What if I don't have an audio analyzer?

A: You can still play with the preloaded measurements.

One of the most important ways to market yourself is by producing consistent results and proving to yourself and your clients that your services are valuable.

If you work in concert, theatre, or corporate events then you know that managing magnitude and phase interactions between Main and Sub speakers can seem like a dark art, but once you master it, you feel like a rock star, not to mention the fact that good system techs are in high demand.

Polarity Reversal Guarantee

If Phase Invaders doesn't make a significant improvement in your ability to read and interpret the phase graph in the field in the first 30 days, I'll work with you one-on-one until it does.

Learn how to quickly read the phase graph of your audio analyzer for proper crossover alignment.

Play Phase Invaders
  • Access dozens of pre-loaded measurements or upload your own
  • 30-minute private training
  • 1-month access to my online community

$7 per month

Currently in private beta. Sign up for updates.

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